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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What style of music will Hill Country DJ play at our event?

Music choices are personalized and based on our discussions and other communication. You will get online access to our entire music library. It will guide you in creating your “love it”, “like it”, and “hate it” lists. We bring our entire music library to every event so your guests can make requests. We will only play those requests that are sensible. Some clients pick all the music, while others leave it all up to us. Either way or anything in between  is fine with us. We are familiar with the best dance songs from most genres, decades, and cultures; but we frequently learn about music from our clients, which is an exciting part of our jobs.

  • What type of equipment does Hill Country DJ use?

We take pride in using the best gear and do not spare any expense when it comes to sound equipment. Equipment prices do not drive what we provide our customers. Quality and mobility are our number one and number two concerns when purchasing equipment.

  • Will our DJ bring backup equipment?

Yes. Although we use the best gear on the market, any electronic device could fail at any given time, so Hill Country DJ brings two laptops, backup speakers, amps, microphones, cables, dance-floor lights, and more for possible incidents of unexpected equipment failure.

  • Can our DJ stay longer than the contracted hours?

Hill Country DJ will be happy to continue by the hour for an additional fee of $100 per hour; however, you should check with your venue first to check its policy on extending the hours.top the music when we eat.

  • S​hould we provide our DJ with a table and linen?

Yes. Hill Country DJ has every piece of audio and visual equipment you can think of, but we do require customers to provide a table and linen at the event. If your venue will be providing tables and linens for your event, please have them add one 6 foot table for your DJ. On the other hand, if you are renting your own tables, please add one 6 foot table to your order. If the expense is costly, just let us know in advance so we can make alternative arrangements. Thank you!

  • Do we provide a meal for our DJ at the event?

Yes, please provide a meal for your DJ. Most contracts are five hours long, but require almost three additional hours of our labor to setup and break down our equipment, not including the travel time to and from your event. In other words, we are away from home 8 to 10 hours, sometimes longer, and will need to eat at some point. We do NOT stop the music when we eat.

  • What is your payment policy?

Credit cards and checks are accepted for deposits. If you want to pay your balance with a check, your DJ must receive it no later than one week before your wedding. If a credit card is your only option to pay the final balance, a 3.5 percent processing fee would apply.